Huckleberry’s wine, cheese and baked goods specialists have procured for our customers the finest quality and most complete assortment of products available anywhere in the Inland Northwest.

You can always find wines in our Wine Department that are not readily available anywhere else in the Northwest. The Spokane Wine Company has been a wonderful and rich addition to our Huckleberry’s team. With combined experience of over 25 years in the wine business, this friendly staff graciously extends their expertise to share what they know about wine giving you the personal attention and assistance that you seek in finding the "perfect" wine for every occasion.

We believe that wine can be part of a healthy lifestyle….truly a celebration of the good things in life! We carefully select wines from around the world that will compliment a vast variety of ethnic cuisines. We are also a treasure-chest for the collector with a beautiful selection of wines that can be cellared. We comb the world for our wine selection seeking the best both in quality and value, that the market has to offer and because of the "push" for organic methods of winemaking, Huckleberry’s is pleased with the growing selection that we host! Special requests are encouraged!!! While meandering through our Wine Department, don't forget to peruse our great selection of micro-brewed beers, seasonal bottled beers and imported beers.

Our cheese selection is an area of over 350 different varieties of cheeses from around the world. Our staff is excellently trained and is very knowledgeable about all of our cheeses to better assist you in exploring the fascinating world of gourmet cheese. Many of our cheeses will be hand-cut from wheels and bricks by our Huckleberry’s cheese specialists. We also offer vegetable rennet and organic cheeses.

Click here for more information on our custom gift baskets and party trays.

The premier producers of quality products in the Northwest provide our beautiful selection of specialty-baked goods. Many of these items are made from natural ingredients (although we have a couple of "Drop Dead, Death By Chocolate" type offerings as well). Our old world European style breads will be produced by Cobblestone, Hearthbread & Genova. These crusty breads are seasoned with herbs, spices & vegetables. These local baking companies bring to Huckleberry's several years of expertise in baking breads that are made from stone-ground flours.

The Rocket, Cobblestone & Take the Cake provides Huckleberry's with a modern version of an old fashioned, European style pastry shop.

Our delicious bagles are from The Rocket Bakery. We hope you enjoy these products; we are thrilled to bring them to you!

Our specialty gourmet desserts (the aforementioned Death by Chocolate, etc.) come from 60th Street Desserts in Seattle. Founded and operated by Joan Williams, 60th Street Desserts specializes in all natural products that are used in many of Seattle's finest restaurants. Their tarts, cheesecakes and tortes are, in our opinion, like "slices of heaven!"

We, your Huckleberry’s team, are constantly looking for new, different and "oh-so-very-delicious" items to offer you while remaining consistent with our standards of providing high quality, organic and natural ingredients.

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