As you enter Huckleberry’s Natural Market, you can’t miss the beautiful Produce Department standing front and center! We’re sure you agree that fresh, wholesome produce is a mainstay for a truly healthy diet. We are dedicated to bringing you the broadest and healthiest selection of produce that each season allows.

We strive to carry organics. We seek to bring you locally grown produce as well. Whenever an organically grown item in unavailable, we will either carry a transitionally grown item or the very best conventionally grown items we can find! As usual, you can count on us to clearly label everything so that you will be completely informed.

Organic agriculture does not rely on synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The grower create a natural ecosystem that relies on environmentally sound farming practices to replenish the soil and control pest, certified by a third party agency.

Transitional produce is grown under the same conditions as organic for a period of thirty-six months before it can be certified organic.

Produce grown without pesticides uses a minimal amount of synthetic compounds and non-renewable resources.

Pesticide Free:
Produce grown without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides but may use chemical fertilizers.

When organic produce is unattainable, we purchase only the highest quality conventionally grown produce available. We will not purchase produce that has been irradiated.

Whenever possible, we will purchase regionally grown produce in support of small family-owned farms.

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