Here's a little bit about our knowledgeable and friendly store Manager and Specialists:

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Monica Hampton - Store Manager
At Huckleberry's, our committment is to our customers and our community, as it has been since the store opened in 1996. Our Store Manager, Monica Hampton, who has been with Huckleberry's since 1996, strives to continue our mission of carrying fresh, diverse, natural, local and organic products for our customers. She endeavors to support the community by carrying local items from local farmers, bakeries and vendors. She creates a fun and unique atmosphere with wine tastings, live music and a monthly store newsletter. Huckleberry's, naturally the best!

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Josh Davidson - Assistant Manager
I started working at the Ellensburg Super 1 in 2000 where I became a floor manager and produce manager during my time there. Moved to the Yakima Rosauers to become the service manager in 2007. Promoted to assistant store manager of the Meridian, Idaho Rosauers in 2012 for its grand opening. Transferred to the Huckleberry’s on Monroe this January in the same position. For me the decision to join the Huckleberry’s team was an easy one. Huckleberry’s mission is to be more than just a resource for whole foods and natural products. We want to be an informational and educational resource for our community as well. To be a part of that culture and commitment is an honor.

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Lou Anne Moxcey - Wine Specialist
Our Wine Specialist Lou Anne brings over 2 decades of experience to the Spokane Wine Company at Huckleberry's. Her skill provides specialized knowledge of wine allowing the Wine Company to invest in only the best beers and red, white, and sparkling wines!!!

Nathan's Photo
Nathan Goldsmith - Produce Specialist
Nathan has been with Huckleberry's since 2004. During that time he has worked in the produce department. Nathan knows what good, quality produce is. He assures that what you are getting in the produce department is the freshest, tastiest produce around. Nathan works with local farmers and vendors to bring you quality local and organic produce whenever possible. Come and try produce from Nathan's department! They will gladly let you sample it before you buy.

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Shane Crawford - Grocery Specialist
Our Grocery Specialist, Shane, started with Huckleberrys in 1997. Ensuring quality and diversity in the grocery dept is important to Shane, as well as carrying items that customers enjoy. Shane is always searching for new items to add to the, already large, variety of items that are carried.

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Judi Miller - Natural Living Specialist
With over a decade of experience, Judi Miller, our Natural Living Specialist, understands how living naturally can make you look and feel your best! From finding superior all-natural cosmetics, body care products, remedies, and supplements to using the perfect essential oils for you, our natural living department will help you experience and practice the art of natural living.

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Mike Moir - Meat Specialist
Mike Moir, our Meat Specialist, started with Huckleberry's in 1997. His knowledge and expertise makes our meat department the best! He works hard to provide quality to our customers with the freshest, most flavorful and tender cuts of beef, chicken, pork, fish, lamb & assorted wild game.

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Merry Migliuri - Bistro Manager/Executive Chef
Chef Merry is the newest member of our management team, taking over as Head Chef of the 9th Street Bistro. She is a fellow Spokanite and local culinary graduate with a passion for flavor and exceptional service. Her knowledge of vegan and vegetarian diets as well as her creative uses of ingredients is a great fit for HUCKS! Her favorite ingredients to use stem from her Italian heritage: garlic, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes, and aged pecorino cheese. She was looking to find a locally owned, fresh ingredient restaurant to call home and we are happy she found us!

“Being in love with seasonal ingredients isn’t just good for you, it can be good for the community you feed.”

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Betty Urann - Bakery/Cheese Specialist
Betty, Huckleberry’s own Bakery/Cheese Specialist, has been with us since 2015. During that time, Betty has worked in the Bistro as a lead and is now the Bakery/Cheese extraordinaire. Betty came to Huck’s with previous bakery knowledge having worked in the bakery business for over 8 years. While here, Betty has become knowledgeable about specific dietary needs in regards to the bakery. Her cheese knowledge is great-she can give anyone a lesson in cheese! Betty says she chose to come to Huckleberry’s because it seemed like a fun and exciting atmosphere and everyone seemed so friendly. In her spare time, Betty feeds the homeless and loves spending time with her grandkids.

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